Global socio economic association of innovators (GSEAI) visualize a world in which every young person is passionately, productively, and positively engaged in a career of their choice.

GSEAI aiming to transform more then 5 lakhs youth into confident and caring knowledge professionals over the next 5 years through our Pan-India presence.

Skilling Youth

Grooming Career

Facilitating Livelihood


Empowering Lives

GSEAI focus on formalizing the informal by improving the socioeconomic status of people associated with unorganized value chain. This is achieved through skilling interventions, facilitating wage/self-employment and entrepreneurship by bringing together all the stakeholders: large, small and medium enterprises, corporate, government, individuals and educational institutions.


At GSEAI we believe in giving a ‘second chance’ to the out of school and college deprived youth and help them earn a decent living. By providing vocational training and life skills, we intend to turn the less privileged youth into an asset for the society and the nation.

Here is the problem:

10000 Students

start school
at age 6

8000 Students

remain in school until the 10th grade

5600 Students

remain in school until the 12th grade

2300 Students

continue to study beyond the 12th grade

Dropout rate by 10th is


Dropout rate by 12th is


Dropout rate post 12th is


Our primary objectives are to encourage students to stay in formal education for as long as possible; and to assist youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to bridge the gap between education to employability and launch themselves on the path to a fulfilling career.

GSEAI addresses the three most important paradoxes confronting the livelihoods space in India today:

70% of the population lives in the villages but receive only 30% of the attention & resources

80% of all youth do not complete school but receive only 20% of the attention

90% jobs are in the unorganized sectors but they receive only 10% of the attention and resources

GSEAI Model attempts to address all three

GSEAI focuses on 80% out of school youth, trying to provide Livelihoods through its own Centers, Partnership Centers and other Innovative Formats.

Create opportunities in the unorganized and organized sector by providing placement to youth through Placement Assistance.

Provides training for sustainability through farm based occupations through traditional occupations.

Prepares youth who are socially challenged through imparting lessons in value education, job preparedness, financial literacy and changing attitude towards responsibility.

Project Guna

Livelihood Support For People With Disability

Global socio economic association of innovators focuses on education and employment of persons with disabilities.

It is powered by the fact that a job to one member of the family takes the entire family out of poverty in sustained manner.

GSEAI striving to better the lives of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) through economic independence and self-reliance. 26.8 million people in India who have some form of disability, of which only a small percentage are employed.

This startling statistic highlights the challenges faced by these individuals in finding employment to improve their standard of living.

Livelihood Training

GSEAI Livelihood Training Program encourages self-reliance among the disabled and helps them counter the stigma associated with their disabilities through meaningful employment

Employability Training

The Livelihood Training Program are designed to give candidates the basic skills that employers are looking for. These include communication skills, computer literacy, life skills and sector-specific training

Rural Connect

Youth with disability, especially in the villages, are an underserved population. GSEAI have created a skilling Model with that youth having disability in the rural area can be linked to organized sector jobs. The initiative mainstreams recruiting disabled youth by highlighting the business case of hiring these youth with special abilities.

College Connect

Securing Jobs for Graduates with disabilities. The College Connect program helps candidates acquire job-ready skills and connect them with employers. It offers domain-specific courses under various academies Specializing. The program envisions training 1500 college students every year and securing jobs for 60% of them. 

Disability Awareness Session
Through corporate connect

Workplace inclusivity is still comes as a surprise to many just how little is actually done at companies to make their processes and workspaces inclusive. To remedy the situation, the Disability Awareness Session is designed and run by GSEAI aims to arouse empathy in people towards PWDs by giving them an insight into the challenges and hardships they face in everyday life.

Digital platform for Art and Craft

GSEAI created a digital platform to support visual artists with disabilities in India and promote their work to a global audience of art lovers, collectors, museums, and galleries. Our community of artists produces some of the best contemporary visual art that India has to offer. We aim to showcase their talents and bring them into the mainstream art world, using technology to broaden our reach and create an inclusive global art community. Along the way, we introduce the benefits of art to children and youth with disabilities through art workshops held in schools and community centers.

Grow your business by helping someone secure a job!

Employ an GSEAI Intern now.

Through our Job Readiness programs, our youth emerge self-reliant, passionate about building their careers, and equipped with essential skills for a structured workplace.

Every recruitment drive is accompanied by Disability Awareness Sessions for all the corporates who participate. The aim is to sensitize their recruitment teams with the special nature and needs of the candidates applying through our program.

GSEAI focuses on Persons with Disabilities, college dropouts and people below the poverty line, through training help them to get jobs in corporate organizations. It is now a known fact that most under-graduate degrees do not prepare students for the industry.

This is just one of the many programs conducted to make under-graduates and school drop-outs job ready. “We realized that a large sector of the Automobile, Electrical appliance, Retail, BFSI, Media, IT, food and hospital industry is in desperate need of manpower in the blue collar sections who are literate, communicative and have some basic skills.

We try to bridge the gap between what our education system offers and what the industry actually needs by getting them job ready

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