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Every rupee you donate goes to the community with added value contributed by the untiring work of our volunteers.
Donations to GSEAI are eligible for tax deduction under section 80G of IT Act.


Our Current Campaigns And Active Causes

Let’s build an equitable world for her
Girls living in rural parts of the country don’t usually have a chance to pursue their aspirations. Gender norms and family poverty combine to shut them out from many opportunities. Our training and empowerment program is designed to give them a real shot at their goals and dreams. Your support can make this journey possible for them.

You can make the difference

Yuva Parivartan works to provide a second chance to less educated deprived youth who have dropped out of school, by giving them training in employability skills and helping them find livelihoods. This is done through our own centers, our partner centres or through mobile camps in rural areas.

Fight against elders abuse

GSEAI deeply concerned about any and all abuse and neglect against older adults. The fact that it happens at all is a travesty and we must take all measures to put an end to it.

Rapid urbanization has overtaken the traditional value-system of our people and shifted their socio-economic priorities. Sons and daughters and their children find no time for the senior citizens in their family. The elderly, who have provided their services and support to the society, feel unloved and neglected at this phase of their lives. Their deteriorating physical strength and other geriatric illnesses add to their difficulties. Their often poor financial condition, lack of affordable health care and the general neglect by society has propelled GSEAI to step in and bring in elder welfare programs.

Help people with disabilities

Strengthen their social inclusion with integrated employment, with giving them advice personally and online, with making physical and info communications accessible for them, with organizing trainings. We do these activities with the help of fellow-helpers, which is an unique method in our country.

Equal access with knowledge which is accessible for everyone

Support our fight against poverty

We are on a mission to tackle poverty through interventions aimed at marginalized youth and groups. We strive to build skills and enhance the capabilities of those who have not been able to stay in school or who otherwise lack access to opportunities. Our approach prepares these individuals to pursue economic choices that can completely transform their lives. Join us in this mission to create an equitable world; a world of abundance for all. Your support can transform the future for a person or family trapped in poverty.

Fund a rural entrepreneur

Not every young person from a rural area can move in search of a job. And agriculture by itself is not enough to provide livelihoods in these parts. Self-employment can help rural youth become financially stable and keep the local economies self-sufficient. We provide entrepreneurship mindset training, mentoring, grants, and other forms of support for aspiring rural entrepreneurs. INR 10,000/- is all it takes to create a village-level entrepreneur. Donate the seed capital and help one of them launch a sustainable, income-generating business in their community.

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Make a contribution. Each rupee of your donation goes to the community with extra value added by the work of our volunteers

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Gift an Education

Make your money count by supporting the holistic growth of a child. Ensure their right to education
Sponsor a child's education

Your contribution will help us reset our youth’s career paths. We aim to safeguard our youths’ aspirations and ensure that they continue to engage successfully in Education, Employment or Training. Please support us to increase opportunities for young adults, build their abilities and smoothen their education-to-employment transitions. 

When more people like you join in elevating youths’ careers, our economy gets a better chance of succeeding.

Donate to GSEAI and make a difference

Donations to GSEAI are eligible for tax deduction under section 80G of IT Act.

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