Elderly Support

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Elderly Support

Project Golden Rules – A Helpline for senior citizens
Gseai deeply concerned about any and all abuse and neglect against older adults. The fact that it happens at all is a travesty and we must take all measures to put an end to it

For many senior citizens the problems of life begin at home. Elder abuse can be in the form of physical abuse, psychological abuse, economic abuse and neglect & isolation. The biggest challenge with elder abuse is that it is usually hidden. A sense of fear that they may be abused more if they speak up leads to elder abuse being hidden. Hence empowering senior citizens is the most effective tool in the response to elder abuse


Gseai enables A Helpline for senior citizens enables them to reach out for help and assistance against abuse. It is also helpful in information dissemination thus creating awareness amongst senior citizens in a number of matters


  1. Creating awareness about elders’ rights, children’s responsibilities
  2. call for help
  3. Reconciliation and reunion in family disputes
  4. Facilitating police intervention in needed cases and Legal Advice
  5. Counselling & Rehabilitation

Digital Literacy for Elders

The pace of change in technology makes it difficult for most to keep up. More so with the elders who find it almost impossible to keep up with the latest gadgets, mobile applications, new smart phones, tablets etc. This handicap excludes elders from the main stream social fabric. To tackle this, started a ‘Digital Literacy’ program introducing elders to the online world

Golden touch

Initiative to provide a financially independent life for healthy and employable retired elders by enabling them to re-enter the job market or become self-employed. Post-retirement, elders often end up depending on their children or other family members for financial help .In India, 90 per cent of retired are forced to survive on their savings which often get exhausted within a few years of retirement. This lack of economic independence further leads to distress within the family, stealing dignity and independence from the aged, leading to some form of elder abuse.

Training and outreach programs for elders

  • Financial planning Focusing retired life
  • Wills & Legacies
  • Information on Health Issues
  • Active Ageing Tips
  • Elder Rights and Entitlements – Pensions, Medical Insurance etc
  • Jobs and Self Employment to Retired